Kaname 'Mokichi' Shigeyoshi
茂吉 要
Personal statistics
Name Kaname 'Mokichi' Shigeyoshi
茂吉 要
Gender Male
Height 198 cm
Weight 73 kg
Blood type  ?
Basketball statistics
Team Kuzuryū High
Position Center
Number 12
Speciality Hook shot

mokichi holding basketball

Kaname Shigeyoshi  (重義要, Shigeyoshi Kaname), also known as Mokichi, is Kuzuryū Highs Center sub. He is the team defender under the ring. He specialized in the hook shot.

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He is a tall guy, 198 cm, always looking dull. sometimes wears a facemasks. long hair, with brown eyes. always seen wearing high school uniforms, jersey #15. and sometimes normal clothing.

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