Ahiru no Sora

kuzuryu high basketball team

Kuzuryū High is a school in which Kurumatani Sora attends. The school is known for it's basketball club as a thug-like club which thug students usually join.


  • Sora Kurumatani: The guy who made the basketball team of Kuzuryū High serious of playing basketball and the manga centers around him. He is the star shooter of Kuzuryū High basketball team. Basketball position Shooting Guard.
  • Momoharu Hanazono: Team captain of the team, epecialized in blocking, dunk, and rebounding. Position regular Center.
  • Chiaki Hanazono: An easy going guy, and the Point Guard of Kuzuryū High.
  • Kenji Natsume: A deliquent first year who always causes trouble. The small forward of the Kuzuryū High.
  • Kaname Shigeyoshi: Tallest player of Kuzuryū High. center player. Has an anemia and is the only quiet one of the buch.
  • Yasuhara Shinichi: Forward in the team.
  • Masahiro Saki: Guard in the team.
  • Ryuuhei Nabeshima: Forward in the team.


  • Nanao Nao : is the club manager of Kuzuryū High.
  • Satsuki : its the team advisors



Kuzuryū High vs Shinmaruko High(22 - 146)

Kuzuryū High vs Kitasumi High(74 - 76)

Kuzuryū High vs Shinjitowa Academy(90 - 104)

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